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Dining and drinking aboard

Having a meal cooked from live seafood on the boat is a great pleasure. Almost all package tours include a meal of fresh shrimps and fish brought aboard before departure.

If hiring the whole boat, tourists can request a meal on the boat. Menus and prices are open to negotiation and are not included in the price of boat hire. The average price ranges from VNĐ30,000 to VNĐ50,000 per person, not including drinks. The price will be higher if the meal includes lobster, or crabs with large roes. Cold food and rice are also available. Orders for meals should be made to the captain 30 minutes in advance.

On the boat, there are also soft drinks, tinned beer and mineral water available for sale at the same price as on land.

If travelling alone or grouped with other parties, tourists should ask the captain about joining dinner on the boat. 9. Film and photography

There are many photogenic seascapes, landscapes and scenery on the bay and in caves that are of great interest to photography and film enthusiasts.

Fast film, from 200 to 400 ASA, is advisable because the boat shakes, and the light in caves is dim. Be careful to protect cameras from saltwater splashes. Passing through the islands, it is wise to stand on the upper deck or on the top of the boat for a view of both sides. Cameras should be attached by a cord to avoid losing one’s grasp when the boat is rolling.

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In caves, a tripod should be used with the camera on the B setting. To take photos from inside the cave outwards, the photographer should switch off the flash in order to reach a good contrast and definition. Popular colour, and black and white films, and batteries are available for sale at the photography service kiosks at Thiên Cung, Ðầu Gỗ, Sửng Sốt Grottoes and on Ti Tốp Island. Videotapes and special films and batteries should be prepared in advance before the trip. Batteries of video recorders should be fully charged and replacements are advisable. The electricity source on the boat is not suitable for charging and may cause serious damage.

Taking photographs from high positions. From the entrances of high caves and the tops of mountains, splendid shots of the landscape are possible. The best locations are the left of the entrance to Sung Sôt Grotto, the top of Titov Island, at the entrance of Thiên Cung Grotto and at the exit from Ðầu Gỗ Grotto.
There are also places on land where photographers can get good scenic overviews: the top or upper windows of the Plaza, Ha Long 1, 2, 3, Vường Đào and Heritage hotels, the top of Bài Thơ Mountain, the Maritime Guest House and from Cửa Ông Temple.

Dawns and sunsets in Hạ Long, especially in summer and autumn, are wonderful, but very short, shadowed by the many islands. Photographers should be well prepared for taking photos of these strikingly beautiful views. 10. Time for visits to the bay
Tourists are allowed to visit islands, caves and beaches only during stipulated hours. Boats arriving early or late are not allowed to dock.