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Trung Ban Communal House

The Trung Ban Communal House is located in the Thuong Hamlet and is devoted to national hero Tran Hung Dao - the tutelary genie of the village.

It is built in the shape of the letter "dinh" (J) in an area of 1,732m2 in the 15th century. Its Front Ceremonial Hall has five compartments and Back Ceremonial Hall comprises three compartments. Its Back Sanctuary includes two compartments. Surrounding is poetic and peaceful rice field, forest trees, villages, and bamboo.

Today it preserves some valuable artefacts from the Later Le and Nguyen Dynasties, such as: two stone steles engravings, an ornate bed, parallel sentence boards and six royal decrees from Nguyen Emperors. There is also a magnificent statue of Tran Hung Dao, seated on a throne ornately carved with dragons, with his hair floating behind him and his clothes, hat, turban and belt elaborately sculpted and engraved.

It holds ritual festivals closely related to those of the Yen Giang Communal House, Tran Hung Dao Temple, Shrine of the Lady King or Vua Ba and Trung Coc Communal House on the 8th day of the third lunar month: the anniversary of the great victory on the Bach Dang River in 1288.

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