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Luu Khe Communal House

The Luu Khe Communal House was built in 1822 - the third year of Emperor Minh Mang’s reign to honour the two founders of the village - Do Do and Dao Ba Le.

Their services united people at the mouth of the Bach Dang River to make dykes that would form the village of Luong Qui in 1434. This village is today comprised of the hamlets of Quynh Bieu and Luu Khe.

It is built in the shape of the letter "dinh" (J). The communal house of Luu Khe bears the specific style of the popular engravings of village communal houses at the end of the 17th century, with images of dragons, shrimp, fish, lotus, unicorns, tortoises, phoenixes, flowers and clouds.

The festivities in the communal house take place on the 7th day of the first lunar month. They include a celebration of the longevity of the elderly people in the village and the staging of a procession to the communal house.

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