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Halong Cruise

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Communal House

Trung Ban Communal House

The Trung Ban Communal House is located in the Thuong Hamlet and is devoted to national hero Tran Hung Dao - the tutelary genie of the village.

Tra Co Communal House

The Tra Co Communal House is situated next to a beautiful beach in Tra Co Ward, Mong Cai Town, Quang Ninh Province. This mansion was built in 1462 but since then has gone through many restorations. The communal house is devoted to the cult of the tutelary genies who were six founders of the village and they came from ...

Quan Lan Communal House

The Quan Lan Communal House is situated with a group of pagodas and shrines on Quan Lan Island Commune in the Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province, 35km from Cam Pha Town and 55km from Ha Long City. This communal house was built at end of the Later Le Dynasty (in the 17th century) and was restored on numerous occasions during the Nguyen ...

Luu Khe Communal House

The Luu Khe Communal House was built in 1822 - the third year of Emperor Minh Mang’s reign to honour the two founders of the village - Do Do and Dao Ba Le.